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Soil Moisture and Precipitation

Are you interested in the imapcts of soil moisture on precipitation? Research investigating these effects led by past group member Aryeh Drager was recently published in the Journal of Hydrometeorology.

Model-Data Fusion

We recently assessed the future of Earth system predicition, in particular the ever increasing role to be played by model-data fusion. This paper, led by Andrew Gettelman, was published in Science Advances.

LBCs and Aerosol-Cloud Interactions

Lateral boundary conditions (LBCs) are found to have an significant impact on simulating aerosol effects on convective clouds. These effects have been investgiated in a paper led by Guy Dagan that was recently published in Nature Communications.

Group News


August 8-12: Ben, Bee, Rick, Steve, Sean, and Bowen (pictured in order below) present at and attend the AMS Collective Madison Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin.

Group members in Madison, Wisconsin!

July 19: Congratulations are in order for the newly minted Dr. Alex Sokolowsky! Alex successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Morphology, Lifecycles, and Environmental Sensitivities of Tropical Trimodal Convection”.

July 12-14: Sean, Alex, Bee, Sue, and Nick present at the CAMP2Ex Science Team Meeting in Pasadena.

July 8: Sean has accepted a faulty position at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He will start as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in January 2023. Congratulations Sean!!

June 23: Sean successfully defended his doctoral dissertation “Examining the Impacts of Convective Environments on Storms Using Observations and Numerical Models”! Congratulations to the new Dr. Freeman! Sean is now a postdoctoral student working on the INCUS project.

May 24: Bee wins a prestigious Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology (FINESST) Fellowship. Read more here. Congratulations Bee for this well-earned honor!

Bee, recipient of a NASA FINESST Fellowship!

May 24: On the first IOP of the BACS field campaign, two cold pools were extensively sampled by the team with drones and radiosondes. We hope to have many more great cases like this over the next few weeks!

Leah (center) has a discussion with Claudia (Kreidenweis Group).
Bee, Nick, and Christine (left to right) prepare drones for sampling.
Ben (left) and Sean (right) prepare a drone with an advancing cold pool in the background.

April 23: Bee, Ben, Sean, and Nick, along with many other atmospheric science students, participate in the Little Shop of Physics to introduce our science to K-12 students.

Ben demonstrates a packet of supercooled liquid at the Little Shop of Physics.
Ben (center) and Bee (facing away) discuss one of our drones at the Little Shop of Physics.
Eric Goldestern (Kummerow Group, left) and Nick (right) at the Little Shop of Physics.

April 14: Read about how the INCUS mission, led by Sue, is the latest in a storied history of satellite missions led by CSU faculty and staff here.

April 1: Sue is elected to the rank of University Distinguished Professor (UDP), the highest academic recognition awarded by Colorado State University. There are only about 20 UDPs across all of CSU. Congratulations to Sue for this well-earned honor! Read more here.

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