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Soil Moisture and Precipitation

Are you interested in the imapcts of soil moisture on precipitation? Research investigating these effects led by past group member Aryeh Drager was recently published in the Journal of Hydrometeorology.

Model-Data Fusion

We recently assessed the future of Earth system predicition, in particular the ever increasing role to be played by model-data fusion. This paper, led by Andrew Gettelman, was published in Science Advances.

LBCs and Aerosol-Cloud Interactions

Lateral boundary conditions (LBCs) are found to have an significant impact on simulating aerosol effects on convective clouds. These effects have been investgiated in a paper led by Guy Dagan that was recently published in Nature Communications.

Group News


October 25: Bastian Kirsch begins a visit to our group which will last the next few weeks. Bastian recently received his PhD from the University of Hamburg and the Max Plank Institute for Meteorology, working on high spatial resolution cold pool observations from the FESSTVaL field campaign. Welcome Bastian!

October 11-13: The 2022 INCUS Science Team Meeting takes place at the new CIRA Commons building on the hill. Over 30 presenters from across Colorado, the US, and the world discussed a variety of critical topics including the algorithmic approach, lessons from previous satellite missions, relevant field campaign observations, mission modeling, the data center approach, and what we will learn from INCUS. On Tuesday evening, a reception and dinner was held at the Canvas Stadium Club where CSU President Rick Miranda, INCUS Program Executive Ben Kim, INCUS PI Sue van den Heever, Chief Scientist of JPL's Earth Science and Technology Directorate Duane Waliser, WSCOE Dean David McLean, and Department Head Eric Maloney all spoke. Between the meeting and dinner, there were around 100 total attendees! Read a SOURCE article about the meeting here.

Group photo of science team meeting participants taken at the department.
Group photo taken at Canvas Stadium during the dinner reception.
Sue speaks at the dinner reception.

October 5: Atmospheric science students, including Bee and Nick, participate in an outreach event were we discussed our research with members of the local Rotary Club.

Atmospheric science students after the rotary club outreach event.

September 1: Bee successfully defends her master's thesis titled "Processes Driving Shallow Convective Development and Their Interactions with Aerosols: Aerosol Transport and Aerosol Breezes"! Congratulations Bee! Bee will continue in the group as a PhD student.

August 22: With the start of the fall semester, the van den Heever group welcomes many new members (several of which joined our group over the summer)! Dr. Peter Marinescu, who received his PhD from the van den Heever group in 2020, re-joins us to work as a Research Scientist on INCUS following a postdoc position CIRA. Dr. Brenda Dolan also joins us part time as an INCUS Research Scientist, while also working the research groups of Professors Michael Bell and Kristen Rasmussen. Brenda previously worked in Professor Steve Rutledge's group. Rick Schulte, who recently received his PhD from from Chris Kummerow's group, is working as a postdoctoral fellow, and is supported by both INCUS and CloudSat. Charles Davis received his B.S. in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania and was recently working at the California Policy Lab, before starting this semester as an MS student in our group. Finally, Dr. Katy Burger joins our group as a research associate working on INCUS. We extend a warm welcome to all of the new van den Heever group members!

August 8-12: Ben, Bee, Rick, Steve, Sean, and Bowen (pictured in order below) present at and attend the AMS Collective Madison Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin.

Group members in Madison, Wisconsin!

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