Theses and Dissertations

  1. Benjamin Ascher, MS, Fall 2023, Effects of Land Surface-Atmosphere Interactions Within Two Convective Storm Regimes
  2. Christine Neumaier, MS, Fall 2023, Cold Pool Train Dynamics and Transport Link
  3. Gabrielle Leung, MS, Fall 2022, Processes Driving Shallow Convective Development and Their Interactions with Aerosols: Aerosol Transport and Aerosol Breezes Link
  4. Alex Sokolowsky, PhD, Fall 2022, Morphology, Lifecycles, and Environmental Sensitivities of Tropical Trimodal Convection Link
  5. Sean Freeman, PhD, Summer 2022, Examining the Impacts of Convective Environments on Storms using Observations and Numerical Models Link
  6. Nicholas Falk, MS, Spring 2022, Strong and Weak Cold Pool Collisions Link
  7. Kirsten Van Valkenburg, MS, Spring 2022, Sensitivity of Simulated Microphysics to the Raindrop Distribution Shape Parameter and Comparisons with Observations Link
  8. Yasutaka Murakami, PhD, Fall 2021, Exploring Precipitation Processes in Stratocumulus Clouds from Satellite-Derived Cloud Properties Link
  9. Jennie Bukowski, PhD, Spring 2021, Mineral Dust Lofting and Interactions with Cold Pools Link
  10. Jungmin (Minnie) Park, PhD, Fall 2020, Environmental Controls and Aerosol Impacts on Tropical Sea Breeze Convection Link
  11. Aryeh Drager, PhD, Spring 2020, Response of Convective Cold Pools and Precipitation to Changes in Soil Moisture Link
  12. Peter Marinescu, PhD, Spring 2020, Observations of Aerosol Particles and Deep Convective Updrafts and the Modeling of Their Interactions Link
  13. Yasutaka Murakami, MS, Spring 2020, On the Relation between Satellite Observed Liquid Water Path, Cloud Droplet Number Concentration and Cloud Base Rain Rate and Its Implication for the Auto-Conversion Rate in Stratocumulus Clouds Link
  14. Ben Toms, MS, Spring 2019, Interactions Between the Madden-Julian Oscillation and Mesoscale to Global Scale Phenomena Link
  15. Sean Freeman, MS, Fall 2018, Assessing the impacts of microphysical and environmental controls on simulated supercell storms Link
  16. Leah Grant, PhD, Spring 2018, Cold Pools Processes in Different Environments Link
  17. Aryeh Drager, MS, Fall 2016, Convective Cold Pools: Characterization and Soil Moisture Dependence Link
  18. Peter Marinescu, MS, Spring 2016, Latent Heating and Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions within Mesoscale Convective Systems Link
  19. Michal Clavner, PhD, Fall 2015, The Response of a Simulated Mesoscale Convective System to Increased Aerosol Pollution. Link
  20. Amanda Sheffield, PhD, Fall 2015, Exploring Post-Cold Frontal Moisture Transport in an Idealized Extratropical Cyclone Study. Link
  21. Adele Igel, PhD, Fall 2015, A Theoretical and Numerical Investigation of Warm-Phase Microphysical Processes. Link
  22. Matthew Igel, PhD, Fall 2014, Tropical Deep Convective Cloud Morphology. Link
  23. Leah Grant, MS, Spring 2014, The Relative Influence of Aerosol and the Environment on Organized Tropical and Midlatitude Deep Convection. Link
  24. Joshua King, MS, Spring 2014, On Modeled and Observed Warm Rainfall Occurrence and Its Relationship with Cloud Macrophysical Properties. Link
  25. Clayton McGee, MS, Spring 2013, Latent Heating and Mixing due to Entrainment in Deep Tropical Convection. Link
  26. Rob Seigel, PhD, Fall 2012, The Impacts of Mineral Dust on Organized Mesoscale Deep Convection. Link
  27. Adele Igel, MS, Fall 2012, Latent Heating and Cloud Processes in Warm Fronts. Link
  28. Rachel Storer, PhD, Fall 2012, Aerosol Impacts on Deep Convective Storms in the Tropics: A Combination of Modeling and Observations. Link
  29. Amanda Sheffield, MS, Fall 2011, Assessing the Impacts of Cloud Condensation Nuclei on Cumulus Congestus Clouds using Cloud Resolving Modeling. Link
  30. Rachel Storer, MS, Spring 2009, Modeling Aerosol Impacts on Convection under Differing Storm Environments.