Dr. Susan C van den Heever
Monfort Professor and Associate Department Head

Dr. Susan C. van den Heever
Phone: (970) 491-8501
Fax: (970) 491-8449
Room 425 Main
Email:sue (at) atmos.colostate.edu

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Research Staff and Postdoctoral Fellows

Steve Saleeby
Senior Research Associate

stephen.saleeby (at) colostate.edu

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Dr. Emily Riley Dellaripa
Research Scientist II

emily (at) atmos.colostate.edu

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Dr. Leah Grant
Research Scientist I

leah.grant (at) colostate.edu

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Dr. Bowen Pan
Postdoctoral Fellow


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Graduate Students

Gabrielle (Bee) Leung
MS Student

Gabrielle.Leung (at) colostate.edu

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Kristen Van Valkenburg
MS Student

kristen.tucker (at) colostate.edu

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Group Alumni

Dr. Michal Clavner

Research Scientist
AIR Worldwide
michalclavner (at) gmail.com

Dr. Aryeh Drager

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

aryeh (at) atmos.colostate.edu

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Dr. Adele Igel

Assistant Professor
UC Davis

aigel (at) ucdavis.edu

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Dr. Matt Igel

Assistant Adjunct Professor
UC Davis

migel (at) ucdavis.edu

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Dr. Stacey Kawecki


Stacey.Kawecki (at) colostate.edu

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Josh King

MS in Atmospheric Science 2014
Research Associate at the DOE ARM Site

Dr. Peter Marinescu

Postdoctoral Scholar, CIRA

pmarin (at) atmos.colostate.edu

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Clayton McGee

MS in Atmospheric Science 2013
MS in Analytics at LSU 2014
Currently working for Deloitte
claytonj.mcgee (at) gmail.com

Dr. Yasutaka Murakami
PhD, Fall 2021

Dr. Jungmin (Minnie) Park

Research Associate, Brookhaven National Laboratory

jpark1 (at) bnl.gov

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Dr Rob Seigel

Dr Amanda Sheffield

Postdoctoral Researcher
UC San Diego

Dr Rachel Storer

Postdoctoral Scholar
Colorado State University/JPL
Previously at Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Ben Toms

MS in Atmospheric Science 2018

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Past CMMAP Interns

Rachel Phinney - 2016

University of Nebraska

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Renee Duff - 2014

Millersville University

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Emily Parker - 2013

San Francisco State University

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Lindsey Hayden - 2012

Metropolitan State College of Denver

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Aryeh Drager - 2012

Dartmouth College

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