Gabrielle "Bee" Leung


I grew up in Baguio City in the Philippines and went to college at Ateneo de Manila University, where I majored in Physics and minored in Creative Writing. I joined the van den Heever in the Fall of 2020 under the CAMP2Ex field campaign. In my research, I use the RAMS model to investigate the dynamical and microphysical interactions between shallow convective clouds and aerosols. Some of my recent work has looked into how different aerosol loadings, chemical compositions, and spatial distributions impact their interactions with convection. When I'm not working, I like to spend my time reading, cooking, biking, taking care of my houseplants, or traveling.


B.S. (magna cum laude), Physics, Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City, Philippines, 2019

Awards and Fellowships

Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science and Technology Fellowship, 2022
2nd Place Student Oral Presentation at AMS 19th Conference on Mesoscale Processes, 2022
Walter Scott Jr. Graduate Fellowship, 2020
NASA Group Achievement Award (CAMP2Ex), 2020
ADMU Award for Most Outstanding Scholar, 2019
ADMU Award for Excellent Basic Reserch in the Environmental Sciences, 2019
ADMU Department of Physics Program Award, 2019


Leung, G.R. and S.C. van den Heever, 2022: Controls on the Development and Circulation of Terminal and Transient Congestus Clouds and Implications for Midlevel Aerosol Transport. J. Atmos. Sci.

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Conference Presentations

Leung, G.R. and S.C. van den Heever, 2022: Thermal circulations and precipitation increases driven by mesoscale aerosol gradients. AMS 16th Conference on Cloud Physics Madison, WI. Oral.
Leung, G.R. and S.C. van den Heever, 2022: Updraft structure and detrainment in transient and terminal congestus clouds. AMS 19th Conference on Mesoscale Processes Virtual. Oral.
van den Heever, S.C., G.R., Leung, and G.A. Sokolowsky, 2021: Cumulus congestus: The now-appreciated middle child of the tropical trimodal cloud distribution. Richard H. Johnson Symposium Virtual. Oral.
Leung, G.R., S.C. van den Heever, and J.S. Reid, 2021: Convective transport and midlevel detrainment from congestus clouds. AGU Annual Fall Meeting New Orleans, LA. Oral.

Field Experience

Drone pilot, radiosonde operator, NSF BioAerosols and Convective Storms (BACS) campaign, Summer 2022
Flight scientist, flight planner, forecasting team, NASA Cloud, Aerosol, and Monsoon Processes Philippines Experiment (CAMP2Ex), Summer 2019
Instrumentation set-up and maintenance, NASA CAMP2Ex Weather and Composition Monitoring (CHECSM), 2019-2020

Service, Outreach, and Teaching

CSU Atmospheric Science International Student and Scholar Association (ATSISSA), Board Member, 2022-Present
FAA Part 107 Licensed UAS Pilot
Little Shop of Physics, Science Demo Volunteer, 2022
The Mind Museum, science communicator, 2018
Ateneo Mathematics Olympiad, tutor, 2015-2016

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