Jennie Bukowski


My background is quite eclectic: before pursuing a career in atmospheric science, I studied the humanities, taught ESL abroad, and even worked in a plant museum and a virology laboratory. While enthusiastic about many subjects, my true passion is earth science. Always fascinated by weather, I eventually switched to studying meteorology and climatology.

My research involves high-resolution mesoscale modeling and ensemble modeling of convective cloud systems, storm dynamics, aerosol-cloud-environment interactions, and dryland meteorology. Previously, I did a postdoc with Daniel Swain (UCLA) and James Done (NCAR) to investigate the physical mechanisms that contribute to precipitation extremes in the North American Monsoon. Currently, I'm working as a WRF and RAMS modeler on the NASA INCUS (INvestigation of Convective UpdraftS) project, studying convective mass flux and storm environments.

When not doing science, I enjoy playing music and learning new instruments, running, biking, hiking, gardening, baking scones, watching X-Files, reading, and over-watering my houseplants.

Research Interests

  • Convective Cloud Systems & Storm Dynamics
  • Precipitation Extremes
  • Atmospheric Aerosol & Cloud Microphysics
  • Convective Dust Storms (Haboobs)
  • Mesoscale Numerical Modeling & Ensemble Modeling
  • Statistical Applications in the Earth Sciences


PhD, Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University - Fort Collins, 2021
MS, Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, 2016
BS, Russian Language and Literature, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2011
BS, History; Eastern European Studies, University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2011

Selected Awards and Honors

CSU Alumni Award (Silva Dias Award), 2021
AMS Summer Policy Colloquium - NSF Funding Recipient, 2019
PNNL Aerosol Summer School, 2019
Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program (NREIP), 2015 & 2018
CIRA/CSU PRSE Graduate Fellowship, 2016
Michigan Geophysical Union Poster Award in Atmospheric Science, 2016
UW-Madison Distinctive Academic Achievement, 2011
Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship, 2006-2010
Cooper Power Systems Scholarship, 2006 & 2008-2010


Bukowski, J., D.L. Swain, J.M. Done, and A.F. Prein, 2023: A Database and Climatology of Organized Convection and Precipitation Extremes in the North American Monsoon, In Prep.

Bukowski, J. and S.C. van den Heever, 2022: The Impact of Land Surface Properties on Haboobs and Dust Lofting, JAS. Link

Bukowski, J. and S.C. van den Heever, 2021: Direct Radiative Effects in Haboobs, JGR. Link

Bukowski, J. and S.C. van den Heever, 2019: Convective Distribution of Dust over the Arabian Peninsula: The Impact of Model Resolution, ACP. Link

Bukowski, J., D.J. Posselt, J.S. Reid, and S.A. Atwood, 2017: Modes of Vertical Thermodynamic and Wind Variability over the Maritime Continent, ACP. Link

Freeman, S.W., J. Bukowski, L.D. Grant, P.J. Marinescu, J.M. Park, S.M. Hitchcock, and S.C. van den Heever, 2023: Where Should the Sensor Go? An Evaluation of Multirotor Drone Sensor Siting Locations, In Prep.

Grant, L.D., S.C. van den Heever, Z.S. Haddad, R.L. Storer, D.J. Posselt, J. Bukowski, O.O. Sy, and G.L. Stephens, 2022: The Relationship between Vertical Velocity and Microphysical Process Rates in Deep Convection, JAS. Link

Saleeby, S.M., B. Dolan, J. Bukowski, K. Van Valkenburg, S.C. van den Heever, and S.A. Rutledge, 2022: Assessing rain drop breakup parameterizations using disdrometer observations, JAS. Link

van den Heever, S., L. Grant, S. Freeman, P. Marinescu, J. Barnum, J. Bukowski, and co-authors, 2021: The Colorado State University Convective CLoud Outflows and UpDrafts Experiment (C3LOUD-Ex), BAMS. Link

Posselt, D.J., F. He, J. Bukowski, and J.S. Reid, 2019: On the Relative Sensitivity of a Tropical Deep Convective Storm to Changes in Environment and Cloud Microphysical Parameters, JAS. Link

Saleeby, S.M., S.C. van den Heever, J. Bukowski, A.L. Walker, J.E. Solbrig, S.A. Atwood, Q. Bian, S.M. Kreidenweis, Y. Wang, J. Wang, and S.D. Miller, 2019: The Influence of Simulated Surface Dust Lofting and Atmospheric Loading on Radiative Forcing, ACP. Link

Miller, S.D., L.D. Grasso, Q. Bian, S.M. Kreidenweis, J.F. Dostalek, J.E. Solbrig, J. Bukowski, S.C. van den Heever, Y. Wang, X. Xu, J. Wang, A.L. Walker, T.-C Wu, M. Zupanski, C. Chiu, and J.S. Reid, 2019: A Tale of Two Dust Storms: Analysis of a Complex Dust Event in the Middle East, AMT. Link

Field Experience

CSU Convective Cloud Outflows and UpDrafts Experiment (C3LOUD-Ex) - Research Scientist / Drone Pilot, 2017

Selected Teaching Experience

Graduate Student Instructor - Weather & Climate Laboratory (CSU ATS-351), Fall 2019
Graduate Teaching Assistant - Intro to Weather & Climate (CSU ATS-350), Fall 2019
English as a Second Language (Schools of Hope - Sherman Middle School, Madison, WI), 2010-2011
Russian Conversation (Greater University Tutoring Service - UW-Madison), 2010-2011
English as a Second Language (The Sunshine Project, St. Petersburg, Russia), 2010

Selected Leadership, Outreach, and Service

CIRA/ATS Mentoring Pods (CAMP) – Mentor, 2023-Present
Women in Science History Blog - Writer and Creator, 2021-Present
CSU Graduate Student Council - Dept. of Atmospheric Science Representative, 2018-2021
Balalaika & Domra Association of America - Executive Board of Directors Member, 2016-Present
AMS FORTCAST - Executive Board Member, 2018-2019
Little Shop of Physics - 2017-2020
S. Christa McAuliffe STEM Academy - Careers in STEM Presenter / Mentor, 2019
Young Scientist Symposium on Atmospheric Research - Aerosol Session Chair, 2017-2019
Colorado Climate Center – Weather and Science Day Demo Volunteer, 2018-2019
Teen Science Cafe - Volunteer, 2017

Last Updated: 3/2023