Leah Grant

Research Scientist I

leah.grant (at) colostate.edu


I grew up in central Wisconsin, obtained my Bachelor's degree from UW-Milwaukee, and then came to CSU to complete my Masters and PhD degrees. For my Masters research, I investigated the relative influence of aerosols and the environment on organized deep convection. For my PhD research, I studied cold pool interactions with the land surface and with tropical oceanic convective systems. My general research interests involve cloud and convective processes. Outside of work, I try to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer, including biking, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, camping, and cooking.


Doctor of Philosophy, Atmospheric Science, 2018, Colorado State University

Master of Science, Atmospheric Science, 2014, Colorado State University

Bachelor of Science, Atmospheric Sciences (minor - Mathematics), 2011, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee


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Teaching Experience

Field Experience

Project Manager and field participant, CSU Convective Cloud Outflows and UpDrafts Experiment (C3LOUD-Ex), July 2016 - July 2017.

First-Authored Conference Presentations (last 5 years)


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