Charles Davis


I’m originally from central Pennsylvania. I studied Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania, and while there I conducted research on the astrophysical phenomenon of gravitational lensing. I received my B.A. in the Fall of 2015. I moved to the San Francisco bay area after finishing my undergraduate degree. I worked as a data analyst and engineer at various tech firms for three years, and then as a data analyst at the California Policy Lab in the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment at U.C. Berkeley for another four. I joined the van den Heever group as a Master’s student in the Fall of 2022. My work focuses on the role of bioaerosols in ice nucleation, specifically how the presence of bioaerosols affects cold pools and the representation of biological particles as ice nuclei in models. Outside of work, I enjoy being outdoors, playing music, and watching horror movies.


BA, Physics and Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania, 2015


Physics Departmental Honors, 2015


Vikram, V., Sakstein, J., Davis, C., & Neil, A. (2018). Astrophysical tests of modified gravity: Stellar and gaseous rotation curves in dwarf galaxies. Phys. Rev. D 97, 104055.


Drone pilot, visual observer, and radiosonde operator during BACS Field Campaign
FAA Part 107 Licensed UAS Pilot

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