Jungmin "Minnie" Park

About Me

After living three months in Pasadena, California, enjoying indoor rock climbing with scientists and engineers from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), I came to a conclusion: climbing and pursuing a Ph.D. could be, in a way, very similar. First, if there is no way to reach the next step, one needs to find breakthroughs to continue. Second, one should be open-minded and listen to advice from others. One may find a better way to find the next step from a person with experience. Third, one learns to be patient. Although one can see a goal, it can be difficult to touch. Thanks to the experience from JPL, I dare to study mighty things such as clouds and sea breezes. I am currently working on assessing the relative influence of a variety of environmental properties on aerosol redistribution within tropical sea breeze convection.


Master of Science, Atmospheric Science and Engineering, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea, 2015

Thesis: Climate Feedback Diagnosis in a Two-zone Energy Balance Model

Bachelor of Science (magna cum laude), Environmental Science and Engineering, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea, 2013

Awards and Honors

Outstanding Student Paper Award, 10th Symposium on Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions, 98th AMS Annual Meeting, 2018

Best Poster Presentation, 5th International Winter School on Climate/Environment Change, 2013

Teaching Volunteer Scholarship, Ewha Womans University, 2011-2012

Academic Excellence Scholarship, Ewha Womans University, 2010-2014


Park, J. and Y.-S. Choi 2017: Influence of inhomogeneous surface heat capacity on the estimation of radiative response coefficients in a two-zone energy balance model.. Theor. Appl. Climatol., doi: 10.1007/s00704-017-2103-z.

Selected Conference Presentations

Park, J. M., A.L. Igel, and S. C. van den Heever, Dependece of aerosol transport on meteorological and surface properties within tropical sea breeze convection. 98th AMS Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, 2018 [View Recorded Presentation]

Park, J. M., A.L. Igel, and S. C. van den Heever, Controls on the redistribution of coastal zone aerosols in convective clouds associated with sea breeze circulations. 97th AMS Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, 2017

Su. H., J. M. Park, Y.-S. Choi, T.-P. J. Shen, and J. H. Jiang, Upper tropospheric water vapor and cloud variations with sea surface temperature in observations and models. AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, 2015

Teaching Experience

Environmental Management Engineering, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Ewha Womans University, Spring 2014

Fluid Mechanics, Undergraduate Tutor, Ewha Womans University, Fall 2012

Field Experience

Science Team Member and Drone Pilot, CSU Convective Cloud Outflows and UpDrafts Experiment (C3LOUD-Ex), July 2016; May-June 2017


CSU Department of Atmospheric Science

- Graduate Student Representative, 2017-Present

- Tour Guide, Present

- Show Up & Write Session Proctor, Present

Little Shop Of Physics

- Volunteer, 2017-Present

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