Our Instrumentation

During C3LOUD-Ex, we are using a variety of instrumentation to measure updrafts and cold pools.


C3LOUD-Ex is utilizing International Met Systems Radiosondes (weather balloons) to measure both the thermodynamic properties of the atmosphere and the updraft speeds within storms.

Small Unmanned Aerial Systems

C3LOUD-Ex is utilizing several commercial off-the-shelf sUAS to measure the characteristics of the lower atmosphere. These sUAS have instruments capable of in situ sensing of the atmosphere and remote sensing of surface characteristics.


C3LOUD-Ex is utilizing the Colorado State University CHILL National Weather Radar Facility to remotely sense clouds and storms. CHILL is a dual-polarized dual-wavelength (S and X band) weather radar. CHILL is sponsored by CSU and the National Science Foundation.

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Surface Stations

C3LOUD-Ex operates several mobile surface weather stations that are used to provide real-time measurements of wind, temperature, humidity, and pressure.